vrijdag 4 februari 2011

Waves of Change

(some reflections of my mind)

Proposition 1: in essence, every human being is good. At the end of the day however, some may be bad and some may be confused. The bad have reasons to be bad. Some guys just get mad. (Life can be hard).

Proposition 2: people are social beings after all; they want to be part of at least one, but often a lot of communities: people who have something in common. Can be a gang too. If you convince some influencial members of the group, maybe you convince the whole group too. More will follow, until the tipping point has been passed, then it’s common sense.

Proposition 3: usually communities have leaders that usually float away as soon as they are in charge. Some of them are already out of sight. They have lost their touch with reality.

Proposition 4: don’t let political-, business- or other leaders solve social problems. They make agreements on a high level about targets that have to be reached by the people deep down below. Maybe one day they’ll find out that their castles are funded in loose sand.

Proposition 5: former leaders who think they are still in charge, but don’t have the power to reign, become dictators and sooner or later will be forced to step or fall down. This kind of leader is tragical and will be remembered as a slave of the real powers.

Proposition 6: if there is commotion in a community – it may be a family, a neighbourhood, a town, region, country or (con)federation of countries – the real leaders will be recognised immediately. Someone has to get them together to find and work out solutions that have mutual gains. That means: all partys concerned can find themselves in the result.

Proposition 7: society is so complex; it doesn’t make sense to intervene in one part of it; if you change one little thing all other things will change as well, but in which direction that's unpredictable.

Proposition 8: disorder is the rule, order the exception. That’s how it works, not how it’s meant to be. Reality simply is too complex to explain with a model of ten equations, or even with a computer as large as a house. Only the science of the unpredictable – chaos theory – gives some light in the darkness of the night.

Proposition 9: the only thing a simple human being can do is trying to see some patterns in the chaos and compare them with the patterns that already are stored in his or her memory. Let’s call it intuition.

Proposition 10: changing is like riding the waves; change comes from down under, from the bottom up, from the outside in, like waves: from behind. Don’t force yourself, because you will miss them all. Change yourself in the first place, because that’s where it all begins, in the hearts and heads of individuals, who form a social network, that grows and grows and makes waves. Waves of Change.

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